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So today I went to the This Morning Live event at the NEC in Birmingham! The primary reason for wanting to go was because my mum and I love the show so I thought it would be a nice and different day out for us. Although, I also went in hopes of finding someone that could help me get into the television industry. Since about the age of 12 years old, I have wanted to work in TV. I started thinking I wanted to work in children’s television but now it would be an absolute dream come true to play a part in any of it. Going to see an event for one of my favourite programmes just made me realise how much I want I want a career in this sector.

We met a fair few stars from the show, Phil and Holly walked past us (they’re even prettier in real life), we met Rylan and I had conversations with both Dr Zoe Williams (previously on Gladiators) and Dr Ranj Singh (previously on Cbeebies show Get Well Soon). I spoke to them about my blog in hopes that they might be interested – a long shot I know – and asked them how they got into television and if they had any tips for me. Everyone was so genuine, helpful and lovely. Obviously I knew that these guys wouldn’t actually be able to land me my dream job, but I did manage to find the editor of This Morning who is a very big deal in television. It was the perfect opportunity for me to ask some questions so I did, at first he laughed and I was so tempted to say ‘ok, thanks bye’ but I carried on, I told him about dropping out of A Levels, being desperate to work in TV and how I’d even be happy to make drinks because I know I just need to get my foot in the door. Despite the crowds of people waiting to have a photo, he stood and talked to me, answering all my questions and trying to help as much as possible. By the end of our chat, he gave me his email! I’m so glad I sucked my nerves up and went over to him – this could be the start of everything!

My Mum and I spent the rest of the day shopping and doing girly things. We had afternoon tea at the Monarch coffee hub, went shopping, got a free manicure at the eBay stand, marvelled over the guide dogs and found as many freebies as we could fit into our bags. I’ve had such a successful day! I may have a small lead to getting my dream job and my Mum and I had a much needed girl’s day out. If you’re going to the show over the weekend I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. If not, fingers crossed it’ll be a yearly occurrence.

For our next adventure, we’re going to see Loose Women filmed live in London. Bring it on!

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