Prom/An Event I Didn’t Attend


So tonight was my high school prom – the very end of everything – an entire 13 years of school over with one night of trashy decorations and boys who look like they’re wearing their dad’s suit. Obviously I didn’t go (explanation here) and despite the fact that I think the whole thing is overrated and extremely cringey, I’m kind of disappointed I don’t get to go. Prom is a rite of passage. You dress up in an expensive dress you’ll never wear again, get drunk and pretend you like all the people you’ve hated for the past 7 years.

I’ve been worried about this day for months. I’m at work whilst everyone else is celebrating their last day of school. I’m sat at home whilst all my friends are having the time of their lives enjoying teenage hood. I was invited as a plus one but I rejected the offer because, what I did I do to deserve prom? I dropped out of school, I didn’t make it to the end so it would have been wrong for me to go when everyone else had worked so hard to be there.

Anyway, I hope they all have a wonderful time celebrating their success and living as a 17/18 year old should, but I’m doing things differently. One day, I’ll be going to the National Television Awards every year (way better than prom). Missing this one event doesn’t make me have any less of a teenage experience, it just makes me even more motivated to create the future I want. I may have remembered this amazing night for the rest of my life, but remembering how ordinary it was for me is going to make my future achievements even more incredible.

I’m now going to eat a tub of ice cream whilst judging everyone’s outfits and watching them make drunken mistakes through snapchat stories. I totally, most definitely don’t want to be there.

Hugs and wishes,




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