Mismatched OOTD


Hello wonderful people!

I am super happy and feeling very inspired today so I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to write my first style post! The weather has been really lovely recently but I still can’t bring myself to put shorts on so instead, I opted for pretty patterns and metallics to make it look like I enjoy summer (fun fact and unpopular opinion: I don’t).

Mismatched OOTD

I wanted this outfit to have a little bit of an edge to it, instead of wearing my trusty trainers I thought I’d try a shoe that would make my outfit pop otherwise this look would have been pretty basic and well… mainstream which is one thing that I always try to avoid in my outfits. I tend to buy all of my clothes from high street stores but I like to make sure I don’t buy things just because they’re ‘cool’ at the time – I like to have a vision for something before I buy it.

I absolutely LOVE embroidery so when it became trendy it was kind of a dream come true; I have bought almost every embroidered piece in Topshop and I don’t even regret it. These jeans in particular are my favourite. They’re mom jeans in a vintage denim with embroidered flowers down the side. I love them because even though they’re such a statement piece the colours are neutral so they don’t make me feel uncomfortable. The design is really flattering; the flowers run along the side of my leg making them look longer and most definitely cuter. I never feel overly ‘stylish’ when I wear skinny jeans because they’re so plain so these jeans make me feel super cool even when I’m not feeling it.

With the top, I took a neutral colour that is also in the jeans however, to add another dimension I wanted a bit of sparkle. This gorgeous bodysuit is so simple but so luxe. It’s kind of metallic whilst also being a crinkled velvet (if that’s a thing). Initially I bought it for nights out but I thought it would be perfect for making casual outfits cuter. Bodysuits are my go to at the minute because they look so effortlessly chic with high waisted trousers without showing so much skin that I freeze to death (UK summers are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get).

For the shoes, I chose a colour that is also in the jeans so the outfit didn’t make me look like a complete crazy lady, but I thought it would be fun to introduce a new pattern. These loafer mules combine the current trends perfectly – I almost feel as though I could be wearing Gucci…almost. I thought the gold pattern would reinforce the metallic bodysuit and tie the whole outfit together whilst the red would make the jean’s details stand out. I have had a couple of comments about my shoes looking like my grandma’s curtains but quite honestly, I feel fabulous in them!

Overall this outfit is the epitome of what I want my style to be. I like being a little crazy whilst also looking put together, pretty and effortless.

All of my outfit details are linked down below.

Embroidered Mom Jeans

*Similar* Bodysuit
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