6th Day of Xmas: January Sale Prep


Yes this may sound a little dramatic, Christmas hasn’t even been yet and already I am prepping for the January sales. I want to get maximum bargains because living in London is not cheap so I can’t afford the things I used to be able to; my inner shopaholic is slowly dying.

Not only that, but we’re all guilty of going into the sales all guns blazing thinking that the £80 sparkly dress you didn’t want when it was full price has gone to £20 so you HAVE to have it. A lot of the time we don’t buy things in the sale because we like them, they’re just cheap and well… it would be rude not to right?

It all comes down to this one question.

Would you have bought it when it was full price?

Granted I don’t always follow this rule but it is a good thing to remember when the shops are crazy, clothes are flying everywhere and you want every deal you can see.

Another way I’m hoping to save on wasting money this year is by making a list of things I want now, so when I’m shopping I can look for them straight away rather than pondering over the pink high knee boots I’ve never wanted.

I thought I would show you some of the things I have been lusting over so you can get some inspiration too!

I have wanted this for months but I just can’t justify £75 on a green coat, it’s just a little too risky even for me!



These are unlikely to be in the sale but I am super prepared.



I saw Sammi Maria post this in the ‘in my wardrobe’ section of her blog. Immediately I fell in LOVE and was very tempted to fork out £79 for it but decided to stay strong and wait until after Christmas!



As I have mentioned, I like to be prepared. So when I saw this jumpsuit in the Oxford Street Topshop I knew I had to get it on the off-chance I will be invited to a fancy event in the New Year (here’s hoping!)



It has been hard to miss the office chic look that has being going off for the past couple of months and although I have got on board with it whilst rocking a patterned two piece to my work’s Christmas party, I am still desperate to add this Topshop number to my collection. It’s sold out almost everywhere full price so it’s unlikely that I’ll find it when/if it goes to sale, but I have been known to travel around the country for a Topshop bargain!


One of my work colleagues wears a coat similar to this everyday and every time she walks in I comment on how chic she looks. Even if she’s wearing a super simple outfit it always glams it up. Me being the shopaholic I am just knows that eventually this will be in the sale so I’m going to wait it out and see if I can bag it in a month or two!


I first discovered these beauties when I was at ITV working on TM fashion. I could not believe that of all places, they were from New Look – a shop that I can never seem to work with! Then I realised they were £50 and in the premium section which kind of explained why I was so in love. They did go into the black Friday sale but I missed them so I am determined to catch them in January.



That’s it for now but the list will most definitely be getting longer!

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


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5th Day of Xmas: Christmas in London



So the run up to Christmas this year has been super exciting because it’s my first time spending it in a big city! In my hometown, the Christmas light switch on is about as festive as it gets which involves a few sad-looking lights and a drooping Christmas tree.

Already, I have done so many fun things and there’s still 4 days to go until the big day! I thought I would put together a list of the best things I have done so far and the things I am hoping to do in the coming days before I go back home for the holiday.


Ever since I was a little girl Harrods has been one of my favourite places in London. There’s just something about it that feels so magical; the doormen, the lights, the windows and extravagant decor – it makes you feel so special. I went this year to treat myself to a new Tiffany bracelet and to marvel at all the beautiful trees and decorations. Harrods is literally a day out in itself so I definitely recommend going, in particular at night when it’s all lit up.

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

How could I possibly not mention Winter Wonderland? It’s a necessity to go there if you’re in London at Christmas time. This was my first ever time visiting so it was super exciting for me (I have actually been 3 times now just because I am super extra). It has pretty much everything you could ask for when wanting to get into the holiday spirit; Christmas markets, festive fairground rides, winter warming foods, ice skating and even an ice kingdom. I definitely advise you to go and drink lots of mulled cider (essentially apple pie in liquid form), and eat chocolate churros whilst dancing to live music at the Bavarian Village.

Southbank Centre

When walking down the Southbank at this time of year there is no escaping the Christmas spirit. The festive market runs all the way along the river with stalls selling unusual gifts, hot chocolate and almost every kind of street food you could wish for. They also have a Rekorderlig Cider Lodge this year selling various flavours of mulled cider so you can sit in a tepee, sip on hot bevs and look out onto the London Eye.

Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum

I went past the ice rink at the NHM this weekend and I am so glad I saw it! I don’t know if I will get chance to actually go skating before going home, partly because I might not get back in one piece if I do, but it’s definitely something you should stop by. The atmosphere was so enchanting with music playing and the beautiful backdrop of the buildings whilst everyone was skating around. Seeing everyone looking so happy was a lovely thing to watch, it made me feel super fuzzy and festive inside.

Gingerbread City at the Museum of Architecture

As much as I love the idea of making a gingerbread house at Christmas time, I have finally accepted that construction is just not for me – I’m better off just observing. Luckily, at the Museum of Architecture there is an entire city to see with the most extra gingerbread creations you could possibly find. Definitely a must see if you want some inspiration for your own designs or if like me, it’s a look and don’t touch situation.

Festive Afternoon Tea

So if you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I am obsessed with afternoon tea. Another one of my favourite things is alcohol… Put the two together and you have a dream come true. This is what Mr Fogg’s Residence are doing this year and it’s an absolute must on my list of fun and festive things to do. The afternoon tea includes either gin or champagne infused tea with Christmas inspired sandwiches and cakes in a traditional setting with live entertainment. If you’re not a huge fan of alcoholic tea, the Kensington Hotel are doing ‘tale as old as time’ themed afternoon tea which sounds super cute too!

Christmas Lights Tour

Another fairly obvious thing to do in London at Christmas is to look at all the beautiful lights. I have created a little tour of the best displays to see in the city.

Covent Garden market mistletoe display, Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, Picadilly Circus, Regent & Oxford street, Carnaby street and lastly, a walk along Waterloo bridge to see the skyline.

I have had such a wonderful time exploring all the things to do in London at Christmas but I am beyond excited to go home and spend it with my family!

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


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4th Day of Xmas: Festive Reads


One thing I am most excited for when I go home for Christmas is to sit by the fire, wrapped in a blanket whilst eating mince pies and reading a good book. I can’t wait to have absolutely no responsibilities and nothing to do – to feel like a kid again.

In the new year I plan on reading some more mature books because I feel as though now I am independent and I have a proper job, I should read some of the classics. But for now, I’m sticking to my guns.

Despite already having a stack full of unread books in my flat, I had to buy these two to add to my collection, because Christmas themed books are obviously a must.

I’ve never really thought about reading a festive novel, other than the picture-books my Mum used to read to me on Christmas eve when I was younger. I automatically think the way to feel festive is to watch a film but when I saw these on Amazon I thought maybe these could be my new tradition.

Let it Snow – John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson

This book is made up on 3 adorably cringey romantic stories that are sure to make you feel lonely as heck at this time of year. It begins with Johnson’s The Jubilee Express, followed by Green’s A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, and it closes with The Patron Saints of Pigs by Myracle. I’ve read books written by multiple authors in the past and not really been keen on how the story flows, but I thought I would give this one the benefit of the doubt because it is written by 3 really great authors.

The three stories all intertwine because they are all set on Christmas eve when a storm hits, causing chaos for the residents of a town. The character’s stories rely heavily on each others actions, even though they don’t know each other.

One character ventures out into the storm from a stranded train and sets off a series of events that will change quite a few lives. Another girl takes a risky shortcut with a stranger starting a budding romance and three friends compete to win a race to their local waffle house.

Each of the stories are unbelievably cringey but in light of the holiday season, they’re cute and made me smile/feel super sad about not having a boyfriend.


Almost Midnight – Rainbow Rowell

I’m sure many of you have heard of Rainbow Rowell before, the writer of Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. Considering her track record of amazing books, I thought Almost Midnight would live up to the quirky, mature and unique standard of her writing. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise it was going to be an illustrated book, which as nice as it is, makes me feel a little bit like a toddler. It’s also actually two short stories – which is fine – but they’re really short, like toddler short. Anyway, after I had gotten over the fact that I had paid £9 for a picture book with a few words, I got into it.

The first short story is about 16-year-old Noel and Mags who meet every year at the same New Years Eve party, and every time fall a little more in love with each other. The second short story is about Elena, who begins to queue for the new Star Wars film (very relevant right now) and meets Gabe, a fellow Star Wars fan.

Although both of the stories are kind of high school, they are sweet and I enjoyed them; they were really easy to pick up and put down in my lunch breaks and weren’t too taxing to read when I was tired.

As much as I did enjoy these books, nothing will ever compete with the story my Mum read me on the 24th all those years ago.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


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3rd Day of Xmas: 2017 Breakdown & 2018 Goals


I wasn’t sure whether this post was a bit premature but you can’t be too prepared so…

Last year I made a flow chart of things I was hoping to achieve in the near future. Without even trying, I actually managed to do quite a few of them! So I am going to try again this year. Some of my 2018 goals are short term and simple whereas others are looking further into the future. I’m sharing them to document it for myself (& I feel like if people know about my plans then I am more responsible for making sure they happen). I also wanted to share this with you because I hope it inspires you to create some goals that can motivate and inspire you to live life to the fullest in 2018!

2017 Breakdown

  • I have done 8 weeks work experience at ITV.
  • I have moved to London on my own, fulfilling my dream of living in the city.
  • I have recently started a job with a huge film and TV production company
  • I started this blog where I have found some real interests and hobbies.
  • I have earnt money to go travelling with my big brother.

The only thing left on my list is to get my very own pup! But that feels unlikely at the moment, so I think I’m just going to have to stick to Borrow My Doggy for now.

2018 Goals

Personal Growth 

  • I really want to get back into reading in 2018. 6 months ago I would literally go through a book in a couple of days but now, I’m always so tired I just want to watch Parks and Rec and fall asleep. I’m setting a goal for myself to read 2 books a month and every 1st of the month, I will write a blog post on my favourite one!
  • At work, we are given a £200 allowance to spend on personal growth. A few of the other guys were telling me what they did with theirs; some had personal training sessions, one learnt Japanese and another learnt how to knit! It made me wonder what I could do to improve my skills. After a bit of research, I found a really great creative writing/children’s story book course. In the new year I hope to have time to do this because I think it could really help my blog writing skills and eventually, could help me in children’s TV.


Health & Fitness

  • One thing I recently realised was that despite making my dreams a reality, I do need to focus on the basics too. For example, I have been so busy with my new job and settling into my home that I didn’t realise that I have completely neglected my health. I never have time for breakfast and for dinner I almost always grab a meal deal on the way home. This is such a generic goal but in the new year, I am going to make time for the gym again; I loved going when I lived at home as it really helped my mental health. I’m also going to try to have a day dedicated to prepping proper meals – perhaps even be more serious about practising veganism.


Create a YouTube Channel

  • For the past few months I have been piecing together my idea for a YouTube channel which I hope to have created by the end of 2018. I’m not going to go into too much detail now but I will let you know when I make some progress!


If you take a look at my first ever post you would probably think it was a completely different girl writing. Over the past 8 months I have really grown as a person. A year ago I could never have dreamt of being where I am now. Here’s to 2018.

Things will get better. 

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


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2nd Day of Xmas: The Best of Christmas Films

Film & TV

This weekend the weather was rubbish, I was exhausted and all I wanted was a cuddle from my Mum. Of course, the only cure for feeling like this is to binge watch as many hours of film and TV you can fit into the space of 48 hours. Because it’s Christmas and I am doing blogmas, I decided to stray away from my beloved Parks and Recreation box set in order to watch some good old Christmas films.

I’m going to try my best to make this post a little different because I know the majority of people’s favourite films are the same.

I have so many memories of watching films from when I was younger and off school pretending to be sick so I could sit and watch Christmas TV all day. The one problem is, I can barely remember the names to any of them! Anyway, here we go.

  • The Santa Clause (Not to be confused with Santa Clause: The Movie). 

This has always been my favourite Christmas film of all time. It was what truly kept me believing in Santa for all those years so it holds many a dear memories. I also love how we have totally taken Bernard the Elf’s style in wearing baker boy hats and berets!


  • Elf 

Of course this has to be somewhere on top of the list because it’s one of the most significant seasonal films of all time. And as shocking as this may be, I saw it for the first time last year! As a child I always preferred the really tacky Christmas films but now I’m older (obviously not at heart) I appreciate the beauty of Christmas in New York a bit more.

  • Home Alone 1 & 2 

Every single time the Home Alone music starts up, I cry. Every. Time. As a family we have always loved watching these films together. When we went to New York we even went to some of the filming locations. It just reminds me of sitting in my living room, the fire on, with my Mum, Dad, brother and Grandma eating celebrations. The best kind of films are ones that bring back memories.

  • Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

This isn’t a Christmas film as such but it’s always on at Christmas so I thought I would mention it. Mr Magorium always reminds me of this one time I was home sick from school (this time I was actually sick) and me and my Mum were both cuddled under my duvet on the sofa in the dark and I just remember feeling all warm and fuzzy inside – maybe it was just the virus but it still makes me happy.

  • The Ultimate Christmas Present

So you might not have heard of this one, I happened to see it one year on the Disney Channel (this was probably only like 2 years ago, I’m still a huge kid at heart hehe). I’ve never seen anyone put it on their favourite film list so I’m assuming it’s not very popular, or people just couldn’t take how unbelievably cringey it is. But in the light of the festive season, it’s a pretty cute film and I enjoyed it!

  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol

This is just a short film, it’s only about 20 minutes but they might be the most emotional 20 minutes of your life. I first saw this last year with my ex boyfriend who we do not talk about . I don’t even care that it holds memories because it is just such an adorable film. I intend on showing this to my children every year on Christmas eve as a tradition when I’m older.

If you have any other suggestions please comment them! I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands when I go home on Friday.


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Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x

1st Day of Xmas: Peggy Porschen Cakes


My gorgeous parents came to visit me today so obviously, I had to take them to the prettiest/pinkest place I could think of: Peggy Porschen Cakes.

As soon as I saw Peggy’s whilst wondering the streets of Chelsea, I knew I had to take my Mum. There is no denying that it is probably the most Instagrammable corner in London and it was only made more magical by the Christmas market down Ebury Street, where the cafe is located in Belgravia.



My lovely Mum & Dad!


Despite the fact that I love Star Wars and GTA I am still a huge self-confessed girly girl so this place was literally a dream come true for me – afternoon tea is my favourite pastime in the whole world.

We had to queue for about 20 minutes before there was a table available because it is so popular. When we finally got in, we were met with a slightly chaotic, but very cosy atmosphere. There was a buzz from the mixture of people crammed into the small space and Christmas songs playing in the background.



Whilst waiting for our orders, I got the chance to take some pictures to show you lot. I was so excited I took photos of everything with absolutely no shame. I imagine it looks gorgeous all the time but with the extra sparkle of Christmas in the air, it felt even more special. The windows were dusted with snow, there were Christmas trees covered with sugar cookie baubles and gingerbread houses scattered everywhere. Everything matched one theme: pink. I have never really considered pastel pink to be overly Christmassy but altogether it worked – I felt positively festive.

Aside from the decor, the most important part of afternoon tea has to be the cake. Peggy’s has the most amazing array of cakes and biscuits, I was well and truly spoilt for choice. They had every flavour of cupcake imaginable, macaroons and even champagne flavoured cake. Naturally, I had to go for the biggest slice. When in Rome do what the Romans do right? I went for the lemon, raspberry and rose flavour with a cup of tea (I even forgot to take a cute picture before I started, that’s how excited I was). It was amazing. I felt faint afterwards due to the amount of pure sugar I had consumed but it was definitely worth it.



I left Peggy’s feeling warm and fuzzy with pink-tinted sight. It was  a really wonderful afternoon spent doing my favourite thing, in a lovely place, with my favourite people.

If anything this Christmas, you have to find a friend or a family member and take them to Peggy Porschen’s Cakes. I’m not being dramatic when I say, it was literally a dream.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x




Festive Flat Decor


This year will be my first year without spending the weeks coming up to Christmas at home. That means no tree decorating whilst listening to Christmas music and eating my dad’s mince pies ☹️. In an attempt to make myself and my flat feel a little more festive, I went on the hunt for some cute decorations this weekend. I thought I would show you what I found.

I recently mentioned that I wanted my decor to be ‘shabby chic’ ish in my previous post. I had this vision in my head of it being like all the Pinterest posts with a holly covered mantelpiece and lights on every inch of the walls. Unfortunately my room is approximately the size of a large cardboard box so this was a long-shot, but I did manage to find some pretty cute things.


I bought this ridiculously tacky silver foil garland because it was only £1 and honestly, what is more festive than a string of snowflakes hanging from your curtain pole? As ugly as it is, I actually kind of love it. You can’t go wrong with tacky at Christmas, it’s definitely the best way to be.


Every year I get a Poinsettia; it’s such a beautiful plant, the colours are so rich and festive and bright. As soon as I popped it in this classic Ikea pot (I’m pretty sure everyone in the country owns at least one of these) it automatically cheered up my room. If nothing else, you definitely need one of these at Christmas time! They’re super cheap too, I bought this one from Morrison’s for only £1.50.


I miss my little pup so much, so when I saw this little sausage dog decoration I knew I had to get it. I’ve put it on my lamp so I can see it and to remind me that it’s only 10 days until I see my little fluff! (Yes, I’m a saddo). I bought this from Wilkinson’s for £1.


I also bought these super cute lights from Wilkinson’s for £6. They come as a set of three little jars with snow balls and holly in them. How adorable are they!? As soon as I saw them there was no way I was leaving the shop without buying them so I didn’t realise that they needed to be hung from somewhere and that you need a screwdriver to open the battery box. Luckily for me, I’m a DIY expert so I used my tweezers to open the box and taped them to the wall using boob tape – genius.


Lastly, I bought this XMAS light up sign. It’s probably the only thing I got which remotely suits my shabby chic theme (I tried my best). I put it next to this pistachio chocolate scented candle that I was given as a gift last Christmas to make it extra festive. This was £9 from… you guessed it, Wilkinson’s.

All I need to do now is make myself a hot chocolate and watch Elf.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


J’adore: Paris


I am currently suffering from severe post holiday blues from a trip I took to Paris 11 months ago so I thought I would reminisce by posting about my time there.

I’ve been to Paris twice in my life, once when I was about 10 and again in January. The first time I went with family and spent the entire time either in Disneyland or in a Disney shop. The second time, I went with my ex-boyfriend and spent most of the time alone. Despite my strange circumstances (that we don’t like to discuss because of obvious reasons… weird), Paris may be my favourite city in the world. Granted I have only been to a few, but I don’t think anything could beat the Parisian food, fashion, culture and architecture.

Instead of going at the weekend, I went midweek which I would actually really recommend if you’re able to. I managed to bag my hotel and flights for only £230 and the attractions were a lot quieter

Of course, I did all of the generic touristy things whilst I was there; the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame, shopping down the Champs-Élysées, fancy dinner, excessive macaroon eating, etc. I also went to the Louvre which was super exciting. I just about saw the Mona Lisa in person after mostly looking at it through the screen on my camera (as a generation, I admit we suck). After spending what felt like a whole city break looking at the art – it’s so freaking big – I found a courtyard at the Louvre where I just sat and admired the area. There were only a few passers-by and it was dead silent apart from the light sound of violins playing nearby. As novel as this sounds, it was so peaceful and warming to find somewhere quiet in a big city.



My favourite thing I did by far was a nighttime boat tour of the River Seine. It may have been the coldest I have ever been in my life but it was totally worth it; I didn’t even take any pictures, I just enjoyed the moment. I got to see all of Paris’ most beautiful sights beautifully lit up; sounds totally cringeworthy but it was one of those moments where you stop, look around and appreciate just how lucky you are.

I also took it upon myself to dress as the Parisiennes do because when in Paris right? I absolutely love their effortlessly chic style so I tried to incorporate some of it into my own outfits. After doing plentiful amounts of research (Pinterest you are my hero) I found that they primarily wear tailored, minimal and neutral pieces. It was quite difficult channeling minimalism as it was January and bloody freezing – all I wanted was to wear my duvet, (strangely a look that seems to be acceptable now with all the puffer jackets? If only I’d of known) but obviously beauty is pain so I fought through the frost for the good photo ops. Here is me smiling through the pain of not being able to feel my fingers or toes.



I also went to Disneyland, yes, I did indeed go to Disneyland on my own and honestly, it was a truly… character building experience. Now, I’m not opposed to doing things alone, I will happily go for dinner and ask for a table for one or sit and have coffee whilst reading a book. But going to Disney on your own is a completely different ball game, in fact, it’s not even playing the same sport. Despite being alone, it was just as magical. I went on a few rides, met Minnie, watched the Frozen parade, drank hot chocolate and cried at the beauty of it all.



Now I am definitely off to plan my next trip!

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x




I just wouldn’t be a London blogger if I didn’t write a post about a winter themed amusement park at Christmas time. I think it’s a right of passage to  take photos of you with your hot chocolate next to a burning fire with a ferris wheel strategically placed in the background. And so here I am.



In my attempt to be a little less generic, I am going to tell you about Winterville rather than its debatably better parent park, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Winterville is based in Clapham Common, only about 15 minutes from my flat which is super convenient for when I fancy a bevvy hot chocolate – I have been twice in the last week purely for that reason.

So a Christmas event in a park – you know the drill – mulled wine, German markets, blazing lights, fairground rides and people everywhere. Of course, Winterville has all of that but one thing it lacks is the mosh pit of people everywhere you go. It’s a lot more civilised than WW which makes it really lovely to walk around without being ambushed by children. If you’re looking for a cute date idea or a night out with friends but don’t want it to be too hectic this is definitely the place for you.

The choice of food is amazing. They have a designated area for all of the food trucks instead of them being spread out everywhere so you can weigh up all your options in one place. I chose a stand that sold squid and chips because I was feeling a little fancy – it was amazing and really reasonably priced. Obviously, I had to have a bev to go with dinner so I had a mulled wine spiced with orange. It was SO good and made me feel very festive.

After food we went to the area where all of the events are held. There was a live band playing and the atmosphere was great. There are loads of really cool things planned in the next couple of weeks so if you fancy cirque du cabaret or a 90s roller disco, that’s the place to be.



Of course, the inner child in me had to attempt to win a huge cuddly toy; like I wasn’t going to take one of those home to annoy my Mum. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything (remind me to practice throwing balls into a bucket) so we went on the amusements instead. Flashing multi-coloured lights will never not excite me.

I don’t think I have mentioned that it was actually a date to Winterville I was hoping to have gone on the ferris wheel because honestly, don’t we all want the classic movie moment at the top? But instead, I was made to go on the rollercoaster. Granted, it wasn’t the Tower of Terror but still, laughing like a crazy woman wasn’t really the look I was going for. But it was all in good fun!

My favourite thing about Winterville was the BAILEYS HOT CHOCOLATE. Nope, I’m not kidding. When I asked for one the woman assumed I didn’t want alcohol (cons of looking 12) but I quickly told her otherwise because how else is a girl supposed to drink her hot chocolate? We stood round a fire pit – which I forgot to mention are dotted everywhere – to keep warm. It was so nice and so relaxing and made me SO happy; I felt warm both on the inside and outside.



Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x

The London Underground Cooking School



So last night was my first ever Kudos Christmas party. I felt so lucky to be celebrating with such amazing and talented people.

We began our evening by drinking prosecco at precisely 4 o clock in the afternoon, because don’t all good parties start with unnecessarily early alcohol consumption? Whilst sipping on bubbles, a bag was handed out filled with pink and white carnations. We each had to take a flower from the bag in order to allocate us to a team. Once we had got into two separate teams we were given some questions that when answered, would give us a clue as to where we were spending the rest of night (I know this seems super long-winded but it was fun, honest!) The clue was a postcode that we had to walk to.

After what was meant to be a 15 minute walk, we finally arrived at the location – the London Underground Cooking School. We started by drinking more bubbles (champagne this time) and eating posh canapés before being split into groups and assigned to a professional chef who taught us how to make the key elements of our dishes.

First, we had to prepare the fish for our crispy sea bass with roasted beetroot and celeriac remoulade starter. Me being the girly girl I am was not happy about having to cut a whole fish into pieces but I did it anyway… with gritted teeth of course.

I then had to prepare my vegetarian main course which was goats cheese stuffed artichoke, vegetarian scotch egg and stuffed onion. I like to think I was doing pretty well until I dropped my artichoke down a hole in the worktop so the pro had to start again for me – it was probably for the best anyway.

For dessert we were taught to make chocolate torte which is basically a dream come true for me. It’s a good job I was useless at preparing it because otherwise I would never eat a proper meal again.

Afterwards we sat at a huge table laid out with crackers, presents and enough wine for all of London, to do a quiz. Unfortunately because almost everyone at Kudos has at least 6 years on me, I had no bloody idea what any of the questions meant let alone what the answers were (reminder for me to learn something, anything) so our team did indeed come last. Oops?

Shortly after everyone had calmed down from their competitive rage we sat and had our 3 course meal. It was SO good and probably one of the best meals I have had in the past 3 months – not that it had much competition. I can’t say that I had anything to do with the Michelin standards but I did give it my best and it’s the taking part that counts right?

So after countless glasses of wine, a heck of a lot of food and about 50 pictures in the photobooth we decided not to call it a night and to instead go into Shoreditch. We went to a couple of bars and the club Cargo – a very strange situation to be in with new work colleagues but nevertheless, I danced until 2 in the morning.

Overall, I had a really wonderful night. Partly because of the amazing Kudos team but also because of all the guys at the Underground Cookery School. They were so lovely and most importantly they kept my glass full all night! It’s fair to say we have all struggled at work this morning. But our boss did buy us all breakfast to soften the 9AM start so we’re all just about still going.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x