Moving Out


So yet again I have abandoned this blog. I am so sorry to anyone who is actually interested in my life. But I am back! And just in time to show you Christmas in my new home – London.

For the past three months I have been settling into my new home in the big city. After spending 18 years living in Kenilworth, I spontaneously decided to uproot my entire life and move to Wimbledon. In a little under two weeks I had made the decision, found a flat, and packed up everything I own. The explanation for my move will essentially be a novel so I have decided to go into all the details on another post (will be posted shortly). But the main reason for moving is to follow my dream career path in television.

I’ve never lived on my own, so moving out has been a challenge to say the least. The initial move itself was quite the task – I didn’t realise just how many clothes I have. But the worst thing by far was saying goodbye to my little pup Dexter. Over the past 5 years he has been my pride and joy, my best friend and biggest comfort. Throughout everything he has always been there for a cuddle when I have needed it most and without him I thought I would feel completely lost. Obviously I miss my parents a lot too but I know they’re always just a phone call away when I need them whereas I can’t hug my little fluff down the phone (☹️). 

As for actually living on my own, I have done pretty well so far. As of yet, I haven’t destroyed my flat which is always a positive sign. I’m currently living with two couples – one Italian, one Spanish. Unfortunately they are quite a bit older than me and they speak very broken English so they aren’t likely to become close friends. It has proven to be quite difficult coming home every day and not having anyone to speak to so I am hoping to move into a new place in the new year with people more suited to me. In terms of looking after myself i’m doing surprisingly well. I successfully do my washing every week and i’m getting really good at making pasta with tomato sauce; it’s safe to say I am officially adulting.

I spend most of my days either at work, shopping or exploring cute cafes in Chelsea. I rarely spend time in my flat – primarily because I don’t have a television (which is probably a blessing). Tragically, my laptop doesn’t connect to wifi so I can’t go on Netflix either. Because of this, I have a lot to thank for my Parks and Recreation box set. Honestly, without it I think I would have gone out of my mind. I’m not lying when I say that it has been on a loop every night for the past 3 months.

Anyway, the rest of the process has been super exciting. I have had so much fun decorating my room and buying bits and pieces for my very own (shared) flat. It’s a literal dream to be able to stay in bed until whatever time I feel like and I can now have breakfast for dinner as much as I want. I do miss Sunday lunch, coffee with my Mum and home comforts but slowly but surely I can say that I feel at home here in London.

… To be continued

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x




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