4th Day of Xmas: Festive Reads


One thing I am most excited for when I go home for Christmas is to sit by the fire, wrapped in a blanket whilst eating mince pies and reading a good book. I can’t wait to have absolutely no responsibilities and nothing to do – to feel like a kid again.

In the new year I plan on reading some more mature books because I feel as though now I am independent and I have a proper job, I should read some of the classics. But for now, I’m sticking to my guns.

Despite already having a stack full of unread books in my flat, I had to buy these two to add to my collection, because Christmas themed books are obviously a must.

I’ve never really thought about reading a festive novel, other than the picture-books my Mum used to read to me on Christmas eve when I was younger. I automatically think the way to feel festive is to watch a film but when I saw these on Amazon I thought maybe these could be my new tradition.

Let it Snow – John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson

This book is made up on 3 adorably cringey romantic stories that are sure to make you feel lonely as heck at this time of year. It begins with Johnson’s The Jubilee Express, followed by Green’s A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, and it closes with The Patron Saints of Pigs by Myracle. I’ve read books written by multiple authors in the past and not really been keen on how the story flows, but I thought I would give this one the benefit of the doubt because it is written by 3 really great authors.

The three stories all intertwine because they are all set on Christmas eve when a storm hits, causing chaos for the residents of a town. The character’s stories rely heavily on each others actions, even though they don’t know each other.

One character ventures out into the storm from a stranded train and sets off a series of events that will change quite a few lives. Another girl takes a risky shortcut with a stranger starting a budding romance and three friends compete to win a race to their local waffle house.

Each of the stories are unbelievably cringey but in light of the holiday season, they’re cute and made me smile/feel super sad about not having a boyfriend.


Almost Midnight – Rainbow Rowell

I’m sure many of you have heard of Rainbow Rowell before, the writer of Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. Considering her track record of amazing books, I thought Almost Midnight would live up to the quirky, mature and unique standard of her writing. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise it was going to be an illustrated book, which as nice as it is, makes me feel a little bit like a toddler. It’s also actually two short stories – which is fine – but they’re really short, like toddler short. Anyway, after I had gotten over the fact that I had paid £9 for a picture book with a few words, I got into it.

The first short story is about 16-year-old Noel and Mags who meet every year at the same New Years Eve party, and every time fall a little more in love with each other. The second short story is about Elena, who begins to queue for the new Star Wars film (very relevant right now) and meets Gabe, a fellow Star Wars fan.

Although both of the stories are kind of high school, they are sweet and I enjoyed them; they were really easy to pick up and put down in my lunch breaks and weren’t too taxing to read when I was tired.

As much as I did enjoy these books, nothing will ever compete with the story my Mum read me on the 24th all those years ago.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


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