3rd Day of Xmas: 2017 Breakdown & 2018 Goals


I wasn’t sure whether this post was a bit premature but you can’t be too prepared so…

Last year I made a flow chart of things I was hoping to achieve in the near future. Without even trying, I actually managed to do quite a few of them! So I am going to try again this year. Some of my 2018 goals are short term and simple whereas others are looking further into the future. I’m sharing them to document it for myself (& I feel like if people know about my plans then I am more responsible for making sure they happen). I also wanted to share this with you because I hope it inspires you to create some goals that can motivate and inspire you to live life to the fullest in 2018!

2017 Breakdown

  • I have done 8 weeks work experience at ITV.
  • I have moved to London on my own, fulfilling my dream of living in the city.
  • I have recently started a job with a huge film and TV production company
  • I started this blog where I have found some real interests and hobbies.
  • I have earnt money to go travelling with my big brother.

The only thing left on my list is to get my very own pup! But that feels unlikely at the moment, so I think I’m just going to have to stick to Borrow My Doggy for now.

2018 Goals

Personal Growth 

  • I really want to get back into reading in 2018. 6 months ago I would literally go through a book in a couple of days but now, I’m always so tired I just want to watch Parks and Rec and fall asleep. I’m setting a goal for myself to read 2 books a month and every 1st of the month, I will write a blog post on my favourite one!
  • At work, we are given a £200 allowance to spend on personal growth. A few of the other guys were telling me what they did with theirs; some had personal training sessions, one learnt Japanese and another learnt how to knit! It made me wonder what I could do to improve my skills. After a bit of research, I found a really great creative writing/children’s story book course. In the new year I hope to have time to do this because I think it could really help my blog writing skills and eventually, could help me in children’s TV.


Health & Fitness

  • One thing I recently realised was that despite making my dreams a reality, I do need to focus on the basics too. For example, I have been so busy with my new job and settling into my home that I didn’t realise that I have completely neglected my health. I never have time for breakfast and for dinner I almost always grab a meal deal on the way home. This is such a generic goal but in the new year, I am going to make time for the gym again; I loved going when I lived at home as it really helped my mental health. I’m also going to try to have a day dedicated to prepping proper meals – perhaps even be more serious about practising veganism.


Create a YouTube Channel

  • For the past few months I have been piecing together my idea for a YouTube channel which I hope to have created by the end of 2018. I’m not going to go into too much detail now but I will let you know when I make some progress!


If you take a look at my first ever post you would probably think it was a completely different girl writing. Over the past 8 months I have really grown as a person. A year ago I could never have dreamt of being where I am now. Here’s to 2018.

Things will get better. 

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


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1st Day of Xmas: Peggy Porschen Cakes


My gorgeous parents came to visit me today so obviously, I had to take them to the prettiest/pinkest place I could think of: Peggy Porschen Cakes.

As soon as I saw Peggy’s whilst wondering the streets of Chelsea, I knew I had to take my Mum. There is no denying that it is probably the most Instagrammable corner in London and it was only made more magical by the Christmas market down Ebury Street, where the cafe is located in Belgravia.



My lovely Mum & Dad!


Despite the fact that I love Star Wars and GTA I am still a huge self-confessed girly girl so this place was literally a dream come true for me – afternoon tea is my favourite pastime in the whole world.

We had to queue for about 20 minutes before there was a table available because it is so popular. When we finally got in, we were met with a slightly chaotic, but very cosy atmosphere. There was a buzz from the mixture of people crammed into the small space and Christmas songs playing in the background.



Whilst waiting for our orders, I got the chance to take some pictures to show you lot. I was so excited I took photos of everything with absolutely no shame. I imagine it looks gorgeous all the time but with the extra sparkle of Christmas in the air, it felt even more special. The windows were dusted with snow, there were Christmas trees covered with sugar cookie baubles and gingerbread houses scattered everywhere. Everything matched one theme: pink. I have never really considered pastel pink to be overly Christmassy but altogether it worked – I felt positively festive.

Aside from the decor, the most important part of afternoon tea has to be the cake. Peggy’s has the most amazing array of cakes and biscuits, I was well and truly spoilt for choice. They had every flavour of cupcake imaginable, macaroons and even champagne flavoured cake. Naturally, I had to go for the biggest slice. When in Rome do what the Romans do right? I went for the lemon, raspberry and rose flavour with a cup of tea (I even forgot to take a cute picture before I started, that’s how excited I was). It was amazing. I felt faint afterwards due to the amount of pure sugar I had consumed but it was definitely worth it.



I left Peggy’s feeling warm and fuzzy with pink-tinted sight. It was  a really wonderful afternoon spent doing my favourite thing, in a lovely place, with my favourite people.

If anything this Christmas, you have to find a friend or a family member and take them to Peggy Porschen’s Cakes. I’m not being dramatic when I say, it was literally a dream.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x




Festive Flat Decor


This year will be my first year without spending the weeks coming up to Christmas at home. That means no tree decorating whilst listening to Christmas music and eating my dad’s mince pies ☹️. In an attempt to make myself and my flat feel a little more festive, I went on the hunt for some cute decorations this weekend. I thought I would show you what I found.

I recently mentioned that I wanted my decor to be ‘shabby chic’ ish in my previous post. I had this vision in my head of it being like all the Pinterest posts with a holly covered mantelpiece and lights on every inch of the walls. Unfortunately my room is approximately the size of a large cardboard box so this was a long-shot, but I did manage to find some pretty cute things.


I bought this ridiculously tacky silver foil garland because it was only £1 and honestly, what is more festive than a string of snowflakes hanging from your curtain pole? As ugly as it is, I actually kind of love it. You can’t go wrong with tacky at Christmas, it’s definitely the best way to be.


Every year I get a Poinsettia; it’s such a beautiful plant, the colours are so rich and festive and bright. As soon as I popped it in this classic Ikea pot (I’m pretty sure everyone in the country owns at least one of these) it automatically cheered up my room. If nothing else, you definitely need one of these at Christmas time! They’re super cheap too, I bought this one from Morrison’s for only £1.50.


I miss my little pup so much, so when I saw this little sausage dog decoration I knew I had to get it. I’ve put it on my lamp so I can see it and to remind me that it’s only 10 days until I see my little fluff! (Yes, I’m a saddo). I bought this from Wilkinson’s for £1.


I also bought these super cute lights from Wilkinson’s for £6. They come as a set of three little jars with snow balls and holly in them. How adorable are they!? As soon as I saw them there was no way I was leaving the shop without buying them so I didn’t realise that they needed to be hung from somewhere and that you need a screwdriver to open the battery box. Luckily for me, I’m a DIY expert so I used my tweezers to open the box and taped them to the wall using boob tape – genius.


Lastly, I bought this XMAS light up sign. It’s probably the only thing I got which remotely suits my shabby chic theme (I tried my best). I put it next to this pistachio chocolate scented candle that I was given as a gift last Christmas to make it extra festive. This was £9 from… you guessed it, Wilkinson’s.

All I need to do now is make myself a hot chocolate and watch Elf.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


The London Underground Cooking School



So last night was my first ever Kudos Christmas party. I felt so lucky to be celebrating with such amazing and talented people.

We began our evening by drinking prosecco at precisely 4 o clock in the afternoon, because don’t all good parties start with unnecessarily early alcohol consumption? Whilst sipping on bubbles, a bag was handed out filled with pink and white carnations. We each had to take a flower from the bag in order to allocate us to a team. Once we had got into two separate teams we were given some questions that when answered, would give us a clue as to where we were spending the rest of night (I know this seems super long-winded but it was fun, honest!) The clue was a postcode that we had to walk to.

After what was meant to be a 15 minute walk, we finally arrived at the location – the London Underground Cooking School. We started by drinking more bubbles (champagne this time) and eating posh canapés before being split into groups and assigned to a professional chef who taught us how to make the key elements of our dishes.

First, we had to prepare the fish for our crispy sea bass with roasted beetroot and celeriac remoulade starter. Me being the girly girl I am was not happy about having to cut a whole fish into pieces but I did it anyway… with gritted teeth of course.

I then had to prepare my vegetarian main course which was goats cheese stuffed artichoke, vegetarian scotch egg and stuffed onion. I like to think I was doing pretty well until I dropped my artichoke down a hole in the worktop so the pro had to start again for me – it was probably for the best anyway.

For dessert we were taught to make chocolate torte which is basically a dream come true for me. It’s a good job I was useless at preparing it because otherwise I would never eat a proper meal again.

Afterwards we sat at a huge table laid out with crackers, presents and enough wine for all of London, to do a quiz. Unfortunately because almost everyone at Kudos has at least 6 years on me, I had no bloody idea what any of the questions meant let alone what the answers were (reminder for me to learn something, anything) so our team did indeed come last. Oops?

Shortly after everyone had calmed down from their competitive rage we sat and had our 3 course meal. It was SO good and probably one of the best meals I have had in the past 3 months – not that it had much competition. I can’t say that I had anything to do with the Michelin standards but I did give it my best and it’s the taking part that counts right?

So after countless glasses of wine, a heck of a lot of food and about 50 pictures in the photobooth we decided not to call it a night and to instead go into Shoreditch. We went to a couple of bars and the club Cargo – a very strange situation to be in with new work colleagues but nevertheless, I danced until 2 in the morning.

Overall, I had a really wonderful night. Partly because of the amazing Kudos team but also because of all the guys at the Underground Cookery School. They were so lovely and most importantly they kept my glass full all night! It’s fair to say we have all struggled at work this morning. But our boss did buy us all breakfast to soften the 9AM start so we’re all just about still going.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x



Bluebird Brunch

Lifestyle, Style
There aren’t many advantages of living in Wimbledon; it’s a trek to central London, most people are aged 60 + and the nightlife is almost as dead as back in Kenilworth. But one reason why I am glad I moved to South West London is because I am so close to Chelsea – one of my favourite places in the city. So I spent Sunday doing what I do best, shopping, eating and acting as if I belong on Made in Chelsea.
My OOTD consisted of the sparkliest of headbands from Zara, a gingham dress from Brandy Melville, a grey faux fur jacket from Topshopknee high H&M boots and a Kate Spade bag. I was channelling some serious Blair Waldorf vibes in this outfit. I really felt the part whilst I was walking down the Kings Road – fake it till you make it, right?
I firstly went to Bluebird cafe, a place I have always really wanted to visit as I have heard such good reviews (and it’s very Instagram friendly). The waiter was a bit shocked when I said I just wanted a table for one but it didn’t kill my positive spirit, I was perfectly happy in my own company even with the numerous cute couples around me. I sat outside under pretty fairy lights, decorations and the warmest heater in the world, all cuddled in a blanket. Despite the fact I am supposed to be practising veganism at the moment, I couldn’t not go for the avocado and poached eggs on sourdough bread because my inner white girl has missed it so much over the past few months. I’m not sure if it was so good because I haven’t had a proper meal in a while or because it was just that good. Although it was a pretty expensive brunch, I was happy to have spent the money because of my overall experience. The ambience was lovely, the food was great and the staff were super accommodating (despite getting slightly judged for being on my own!)
I spent the second part of my day shopping on the Kings Road, a notoriously expensive street. Granted, I could only afford to go into about 3 of the shops down there but I still had a lot of fun window shopping and getting inspiration from high end fashion. I also wanted to get some Christmas decor inspiration because it’s already the 5th and I have nothing up! I first went into Anthropologie, a super cute shop that sells shabby chic clothing and home accessories. They had a ton of gorgeous Christmas decorations, none of which I could afford but it did give me some ideas as to what I can do with my room – I think i’m going to go for the rustic look as that seems to be everywhere this year.
I will definitely have a Christmas decor post up soon!
I have also decided to do a little Christmas blogmas. Of course I was far too unorganised to do the generic blogmas throughout all of December so instead I am going to do ’12 days of Christmas’ from the 15th to the 26th!
Hugs and wishes,
Abbie x

Chapter 1: My Career in Television

Film, TV & Books, Lifestyle

This post is supposed to be an explanation into how I got into television, both for future reference for myself and also to help anyone else out there that might be struggling to find their way into the industry. I didn’t really want it to be a ‘so the moral of the story’ post but it definitely will be so here we go…

If any of you guys read one of my first ever blog posts, you will know that in Spring this year I went to This Morning Live, an exhibition in Birmingham based on the daytime television show. Whilst I was there, I met the editor of This Morning, Martin Frizell. Me being the upfront person I am unashamedly went up to him, told him my life story and asked how on earth I was supposed to get into television – my dream career since I was about 10 years old. It turns out that my confidence paid off as 7 months later I have an actual job in actual television!

My first opportunity came about after Martin gave me his email address and told me to contact him with my CV. He was kind enough to help me get onto the ITV insight programme where I completed a 2 week work placement at the ITV studios on the Southbank in London working with the production team on This Morning. This was a dream come true considering I had never done anything in television before so my first experience was in a huge live TV programme where I got to see exactly how things work. I met some really awesome people whilst I was there, both celebrities and people that work on the show who were so welcoming and really tried to help me with my career path.

I happened to get talking to some of the girls in the fashion department and they asked if I would like to intern with them. This is the main reason I moved to London; I was going to be spending 5 weeks here anyway so I thought why the heck not just move for good? I wasn’t getting paid for the internship so I had to get a part time job in order to pay for my rent and well… to live. I got a job at Brandy Melville in the Oxford Street Topshop meaning I was working 12 hour days, 7 days a week. I can honestly say those 5 weeks nearly destroyed me. There were many breakdowns and numerous teary phone calls back home but I got through it. I completed my internship with the fashion department at This Morning and quit my horrendously painful job at Brandy in order to focus solely on a career in television.

My perseverance and also knowing I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep if I didn’t get a job made me determined to work as hard as possible in order to find a production company that would take me on with my small amount of experience. I spent hours writing and sending emails to individual production companies knowing that there was only a slim chance of getting a reply let alone any actual work. After sending what must have been a hundred emails, I got a phone call from someone at a production company called Kudos.

Kudos are producers of TV drama such as Broadchurch, Grantchester, Humans, Life on Mars and MI High (any of my main CBBC watchers out there remember that?) They produce incredibly successful content for broadcasters as big as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky Atlantic. After going into their head office for an interview, I got invited to do a 3 day trial with them for an office runner role. On my first day I immediately knew I had to get the job. The people were lovely, the job was so much fun and I was finally where I wanted to be.

…My first day was 4 weeks ago and I haven’t left since. Yesterday, I officially signed my contract to be an office runner/receptionist at Kudos Film and Television.

Looking back to this time last year, living in London with a job that could potentially lead to my dream job was a fantasy so wild I could barely even imagine it. Just over 12 months ago I was completely lost, I had dropped out of school and I was fighting a mental illness that very nearly got the better of me. I now get paid to be in an environment I love with people I admire.

So the moral of the story is that you can gain something from every experience in life, whether they are good or bad. If it wasn’t for the experiences I have been through, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Without leaving school due to mental health issues I  wouldn’t have worked at House of Fraser to earn money that is allowing me to live in London. Without working at House of Fraser I wouldn’t have got the time off to go to TM Live where I met Martin Frizell and without the thick skin that my past has given me, I wouldn’t have the determination I have today to pursue my dreams.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you can do it.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x

Moving Out


So yet again I have abandoned this blog. I am so sorry to anyone who is actually interested in my life. But I am back! And just in time to show you Christmas in my new home – London.

For the past three months I have been settling into my new home in the big city. After spending 18 years living in Kenilworth, I spontaneously decided to uproot my entire life and move to Wimbledon. In a little under two weeks I had made the decision, found a flat, and packed up everything I own. The explanation for my move will essentially be a novel so I have decided to go into all the details on another post (will be posted shortly). But the main reason for moving is to follow my dream career path in television.

I’ve never lived on my own, so moving out has been a challenge to say the least. The initial move itself was quite the task – I didn’t realise just how many clothes I have. But the worst thing by far was saying goodbye to my little pup Dexter. Over the past 5 years he has been my pride and joy, my best friend and biggest comfort. Throughout everything he has always been there for a cuddle when I have needed it most and without him I thought I would feel completely lost. Obviously I miss my parents a lot too but I know they’re always just a phone call away when I need them whereas I can’t hug my little fluff down the phone (☹️). 

As for actually living on my own, I have done pretty well so far. As of yet, I haven’t destroyed my flat which is always a positive sign. I’m currently living with two couples – one Italian, one Spanish. Unfortunately they are quite a bit older than me and they speak very broken English so they aren’t likely to become close friends. It has proven to be quite difficult coming home every day and not having anyone to speak to so I am hoping to move into a new place in the new year with people more suited to me. In terms of looking after myself i’m doing surprisingly well. I successfully do my washing every week and i’m getting really good at making pasta with tomato sauce; it’s safe to say I am officially adulting.

I spend most of my days either at work, shopping or exploring cute cafes in Chelsea. I rarely spend time in my flat – primarily because I don’t have a television (which is probably a blessing). Tragically, my laptop doesn’t connect to wifi so I can’t go on Netflix either. Because of this, I have a lot to thank for my Parks and Recreation box set. Honestly, without it I think I would have gone out of my mind. I’m not lying when I say that it has been on a loop every night for the past 3 months.

Anyway, the rest of the process has been super exciting. I have had so much fun decorating my room and buying bits and pieces for my very own (shared) flat. It’s a literal dream to be able to stay in bed until whatever time I feel like and I can now have breakfast for dinner as much as I want. I do miss Sunday lunch, coffee with my Mum and home comforts but slowly but surely I can say that I feel at home here in London.

… To be continued

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x



Update: I’m Alive


Hello strangers! This is just a quick update as to where I am at in my life at the moment. I have been totally missing in action for the past month which I feel awful about as I happened to start a small following on my blog (I can’t believe you lovely lot are actually interested!) Although I am still beginning, I have felt so welcomed and already I have met some wonderful, interesting and inspiring people so I am determined to update you all on my antics at least twice a week from now on.

There isn’t a specific reason as to why I haven’t posted in a while – I guess i’m just lazy and parks and recreation/napping takes up most of my free time. ​But despite going off the grid for the past month, I have actually managed to drag myself out of the house (a miracle I know) to do some pretty cool things.


Loose Women



Borough Market


The Golden Hinde

So I had an actual dream come true last month when I went down to London to see Loose Women filmed live. Loose Women is a magazine gossip show aimed primarily at adult women (not 17 year old girls) so if you know what this show is, please don’t judge me. It was such an amazing experience to be in the studio and to see what happens as the show is filmed live. It has made me even more determined to get my dream job in television and the added bonus was that the tickets are free! Whilst in London, we took a trip to Borough market where we had fresh bread, doughnuts and juice and looked round quaint flower shops. We also happened to walk past The Golden Hinde – Sir Francis Drake’s ship. Honestly I have no idea what it was, I was thouroughly confused as to why there was a huge boat in the street and quite honestly I’m only talking about it because my Mum took a cute candid of my outfit with it in the background and it makes me look kind of educated…


As if London wasn’t being ‘touristy’ enough, we also took a trip to Stratford upon Avon to see Shakespeare’s crib. Stratford is literally 20 minutes down the road from us so I’ve never seen it as a cool destination to explore, but our family from New Zealand thought it would be interesting to see so we thought we’d show them around. It turns out there’s actually some really good things to see there – who knew!



Warwick Castle


Lyme Regis


Coombe Abbey

Due to the delightful weather we’ve been getting recently I managed to fight my vampire-like tendencies and actually get out into the sun for once without feeling like dying. My best friend Sam and I have taken some super cute trips to some super cute places.  Our first adventure was on a rowing boat on the River Avon in Warwick; despite always saying how much I dislike my town, the view of Warwick Castle by the water never fails to amaze me. Although, Sam’s ability to row a boat may have made the experience a little less relaxing than it could have been. Next, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Devon for the night. It was about 3PM when we decided to take a 3 hour drive to the beach (crazy or cute? Hm) but even though we only had a short stay, I had the best time ever. We ate dinner on the beach and watched the sun set, played mini golf, ate cheesy chips and won a toy elephant on the amusements – it was basically your dream weekend. Lastly, I went to Coombe Abbey with my friends for a picnic. I honestly didn’t realise how many pretty places there are close to me; Coombe Abbey is a lakeside country house and park with the most amazing views. We sat drinking our copious amount of cider and our Lidl picnic (very classily may I add) for a good 4 hours before we realised that the nature was too much and we needed to get back to Netflix.

​After not seeing the majority of my friends for a good 6 months, I finally decided to make my debut by surprising one of my best friends at her 18th birthday party. Above is a super cute gif of us all being drunk, weird and very very happy.

Lastly, here is a gif of me petting my dearest friend and pup Dexter. He fell down the stairs this morning and has felt very sorry for himself since so I thought I would give him some lovin’ too.

So that’s it for the update. I promise to improve my time management so nobody will have to send out a search party for me for the forseable future. I already have multiple posts lined up and there is also quite a few exciting things happening in the next month which I can’t wait to share with all 29 of you!

Hugs and wishes,



Prom/An Event I Didn’t Attend


So tonight was my high school prom – the very end of everything – an entire 13 years of school over with one night of trashy decorations and boys who look like they’re wearing their dad’s suit. Obviously I didn’t go (explanation here) and despite the fact that I think the whole thing is overrated and extremely cringey, I’m kind of disappointed I don’t get to go. Prom is a rite of passage. You dress up in an expensive dress you’ll never wear again, get drunk and pretend you like all the people you’ve hated for the past 7 years.

I’ve been worried about this day for months. I’m at work whilst everyone else is celebrating their last day of school. I’m sat at home whilst all my friends are having the time of their lives enjoying teenage hood. I was invited as a plus one but I rejected the offer because, what I did I do to deserve prom? I dropped out of school, I didn’t make it to the end so it would have been wrong for me to go when everyone else had worked so hard to be there.

Anyway, I hope they all have a wonderful time celebrating their success and living as a 17/18 year old should, but I’m doing things differently. One day, I’ll be going to the National Television Awards every year (way better than prom). Missing this one event doesn’t make me have any less of a teenage experience, it just makes me even more motivated to create the future I want. I may have remembered this amazing night for the rest of my life, but remembering how ordinary it was for me is going to make my future achievements even more incredible.

I’m now going to eat a tub of ice cream whilst judging everyone’s outfits and watching them make drunken mistakes through snapchat stories. I totally, most definitely don’t want to be there.

Hugs and wishes,



Family Additions!


So this weekend I met family that before a few months ago, I barely even knew about. Chris, Rachel, Lexi and Jonty have finally come to the UK after 17 years of my life spent not knowing them. They live in New Zealand so coming round for coffee and cake isn’t really an option but instead, they are spending six months travelling around Europe! They will spend most of their time at my Grandparents’ house in Leeds. However they will be going to Paris, Spain, Greece and to the Midlands to stay with us.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first met them. Would we act like family? Or just acquaintances? They are actually only distant relations; Rachel and Chris are my second cousins and Jonty and Lexi are my third cousins. But nonetheless, they are family and that’s sure as hell how we acted. We all instantly became best friends and I can honestly say I have had the best weekend getting to know them whilst also feeling like they have always been a part of my life.

I’m a big kid at heart so playing with the children came easy – I absolutely loved it. I’ve spent the past couple of days colouring, playing Jenga, watching children’s TV and spying on our parents. They told me all about New Zealand and the things they do/don’t have there. I was absolutely horrified to find out that they had never been to Build a Bear Workshop – they had no idea what it is! As a child I was obsessed with the place so I took it upon myself to make sure we went and when we did, they loved it. Lexi went for a dog that looked like her dog back at home (that she had been crying about for the past couple of nights) and Jonty went for a Troll. I had so much fun showing them what to do and seeing how happy they were when they came out with their new friend. It actually all worked out perfectly because it’s Lexi’s 10th birthday tomorrow so it was an early present for her!

I never dreamed that meeting these guys would be as good as it has been. I’m so glad that I can say these wonderful people are a part of my family, from the moment we met I absolutely adored them and I really hope that even when they’re back home we can still be as close as we were this weekend.

Hugs and wishes,



P.S. I am actually wearing my pyjama top in these photos – don’t judge me. And yes, I do have a birds nest on my head (naturally curly hair sucks).