Shoreditch, LDN



I have previously said my favourite place in London is the Kings Road, Chelsea and I stand by that. However, my second favourite place to spend my free time is Shoreditch.

Yes, these two places are polar opposites so it’s kind of hard to understand why I would love both places so much. They’re just both so niche and unique, wherever you walk you’re sure to find something beautiful.

Last weekend I put on my most indie outfit and headed to E1. My new flat (post still to come) is located only 20 minutes down the road from Shoreditch which is a blessing; whenever I fancy playing chess for fun, I am only a bus ride away…



I always head for Brick Lane, but of course I end up browsing Petticoat Lane market for high street bargains and going to Spitalfields to see the pretty jewellery stalls. When I do finally end up where I intended on being, I go straight to Brick Lane’s vintage market.

As you know, I am a self-confessed shopping addict but I definitely don’t feel as guilty when I’m not on the high street. I love the vintage market because you never know what you’re going to find. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, it’s all so pretty to look at. Obviously, I couldn’t leave empty-handed and therefore ended up walking away with 3 new pairs of sunglasses and the cutest headband. If you’re looking for that Instagram chic, this is definitely the place to be. As well as proper vintage clothing (old-fashioned flowers, frills and everything) they have all the cool stuff you see on girls on pinterest at half the price of all the online boutiques.

After plenty of time pottering round looking at vintage Burberry and various types of artwork, it’s always a good idea to head to the nearest doughnut shop. My very favourite is Crosstown – nothing fancy, just really good. I always go for a simple glazed doughnut and a hot chocolate because I am basic as heck. But if you’re looking for something a little more fancy, Doughnut Time next to Old Street station sells all sorts of sugary monstrosities.



You can’t miss all the artwork in Shoreditch; there isn’t an clear wall in sight. Unlike the majority of London, it isn’t graffiti, it is actual ART. There are some crazily talented people out there.

Ordinarily, I don’t tend to stray much further from Brick Lane and the close surrounding areas. But in an attempt to find my way back home, I stumbled upon some more cute individual shops. I first came across Boxpark, a pop up mall with lots of small and random traders including The Ordinary – an affordable skincare range supposedly recommended by Kim Kardashian herself. I then found an even cuter store called AIDA. It’s actually both a coffee shop, clothes shop and gift shop which I love – it is literally a day out in itself. The clothes they sell are on the pricier side as they’re all quirky brands, from distinct vintage to contemporary and modern. Me being me, still managed to bag a Selected Femme wool jumper in the sale for £23 (money-saving expert eat your heart out).

Outfit of the Day → Night


I have been so uninspired lately in terms of fashion. I find this time of year particularly difficult to dress for because everything and everyone is so miserable. I have been styling some serious January blues looks to work lately, wearing mainly culottes to hide the extra £££ and jumpers to cuddle when I feel sorry for myself.

We don’t really have to dress up at Kudos which is a blessing when I’m tired and grumpy, but it’s also proven to be quite difficult to find an appropriate outfit for work when I have something to attend afterwards.

Tonight I am going straight out for cocktails in Shoreditch so I needed to plan an outfit that wasn’t too extra for work but also looks super cute for me to get my drank on later.



Topshop skirt / Topshop jumper / Topshop shoes / Topshop coat / L’oreal lipstick / Marc Jacobs watch

Undoubtedly, you can’t go wrong with leopard print for any occasion. This super cute leopard print mini skirt is probably one of my best buys of the month for only £20 in the Topshop sale. The print makes it sassy with a lil hint of sexy but the ruffle detail tames it to look elegant and sophisticated. I paired it with a ruffled high neck jumper which compensated for the skirt being a little on the shorter side. I would definitely wear some black tights with this alongside some chic and suitable slip on loafers. I opted for a fitted coat to bring the outfit together and make it look effortlessly chic. Because of the details, accessories weren’t really necessary so I just stuck to the staples. And will I ever wear leopard print without a red lipstick? Most definitely not.



Topshop bodysuit / Topshop skirt / Public Desire boots

Me being me just couldn’t comprehend going out for drinks wearing a jumper and without wearing heels so I had to transform this outfit without bringing my whole wardrobe to work. Typically, I think a lot of people think it looks trashy, but there’s just something about leopard print and the colour red that I love. I simply added this red (very) plunging bodysuit to the skirt. This is pretty basic but it dresses it up nicely. It was also really easy to throw into my bag without worrying about it being bulky or creasing for later on. If I’m feeling brave enough to embrace the cold, I probably wouldn’t wear tights with this. I love the way sock boots look against bare legs so I chose these patent heeled boots. With the leopard, red and PVC this outfit looks the epitome of hooker but honestly, it works! To finish the look, I would wear the same coat I wore earlier thrown over my shoulders in attempt to look like Gigi Hadid. Nice try Abs.


I’m now going to consume lots of daiquiri’s!

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x




Bluebird Brunch

Lifestyle, Style
There aren’t many advantages of living in Wimbledon; it’s a trek to central London, most people are aged 60 + and the nightlife is almost as dead as back in Kenilworth. But one reason why I am glad I moved to South West London is because I am so close to Chelsea – one of my favourite places in the city. So I spent Sunday doing what I do best, shopping, eating and acting as if I belong on Made in Chelsea.
My OOTD consisted of the sparkliest of headbands from Zara, a gingham dress from Brandy Melville, a grey faux fur jacket from Topshopknee high H&M boots and a Kate Spade bag. I was channelling some serious Blair Waldorf vibes in this outfit. I really felt the part whilst I was walking down the Kings Road – fake it till you make it, right?
I firstly went to Bluebird cafe, a place I have always really wanted to visit as I have heard such good reviews (and it’s very Instagram friendly). The waiter was a bit shocked when I said I just wanted a table for one but it didn’t kill my positive spirit, I was perfectly happy in my own company even with the numerous cute couples around me. I sat outside under pretty fairy lights, decorations and the warmest heater in the world, all cuddled in a blanket. Despite the fact I am supposed to be practising veganism at the moment, I couldn’t not go for the avocado and poached eggs on sourdough bread because my inner white girl has missed it so much over the past few months. I’m not sure if it was so good because I haven’t had a proper meal in a while or because it was just that good. Although it was a pretty expensive brunch, I was happy to have spent the money because of my overall experience. The ambience was lovely, the food was great and the staff were super accommodating (despite getting slightly judged for being on my own!)
I spent the second part of my day shopping on the Kings Road, a notoriously expensive street. Granted, I could only afford to go into about 3 of the shops down there but I still had a lot of fun window shopping and getting inspiration from high end fashion. I also wanted to get some Christmas decor inspiration because it’s already the 5th and I have nothing up! I first went into Anthropologie, a super cute shop that sells shabby chic clothing and home accessories. They had a ton of gorgeous Christmas decorations, none of which I could afford but it did give me some ideas as to what I can do with my room – I think i’m going to go for the rustic look as that seems to be everywhere this year.
I will definitely have a Christmas decor post up soon!
I have also decided to do a little Christmas blogmas. Of course I was far too unorganised to do the generic blogmas throughout all of December so instead I am going to do ’12 days of Christmas’ from the 15th to the 26th!
Hugs and wishes,
Abbie x

Chapter 1: My Career in Television

Film & TV, Lifestyle

This post is supposed to be an explanation into how I got into television, both for future reference for myself and also to help anyone else out there that might be struggling to find their way into the industry. I didn’t really want it to be a ‘so the moral of the story’ post but it definitely will be so here we go…

If any of you guys read one of my first ever blog posts, you will know that in Spring this year I went to This Morning Live, an exhibition in Birmingham based on the daytime television show. Whilst I was there, I met the editor of This Morning, Martin Frizell. Me being the upfront person I am unashamedly went up to him, told him my life story and asked how on earth I was supposed to get into television – my dream career since I was about 10 years old. It turns out that my confidence paid off as 7 months later I have an actual job in actual television!

My first opportunity came about after Martin gave me his email address and told me to contact him with my CV. He was kind enough to help me get onto the ITV insight programme where I completed a 2 week work placement at the ITV studios on the Southbank in London working with the production team on This Morning. This was a dream come true considering I had never done anything in television before so my first experience was in a huge live TV programme where I got to see exactly how things work. I met some really awesome people whilst I was there, both celebrities and people that work on the show who were so welcoming and really tried to help me with my career path.

I happened to get talking to some of the girls in the fashion department and they asked if I would like to intern with them. This is the main reason I moved to London; I was going to be spending 5 weeks here anyway so I thought why the heck not just move for good? I wasn’t getting paid for the internship so I had to get a part time job in order to pay for my rent and well… to live. I got a job at Brandy Melville in the Oxford Street Topshop meaning I was working 12 hour days, 7 days a week. I can honestly say those 5 weeks nearly destroyed me. There were many breakdowns and numerous teary phone calls back home but I got through it. I completed my internship with the fashion department at This Morning and quit my horrendously painful job at Brandy in order to focus solely on a career in television.

My perseverance and also knowing I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep if I didn’t get a job made me determined to work as hard as possible in order to find a production company that would take me on with my small amount of experience. I spent hours writing and sending emails to individual production companies knowing that there was only a slim chance of getting a reply let alone any actual work. After sending what must have been a hundred emails, I got a phone call from someone at a production company called Kudos.

Kudos are producers of TV drama such as Broadchurch, Grantchester, Humans, Life on Mars and MI High (any of my main CBBC watchers out there remember that?) They produce incredibly successful content for broadcasters as big as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky Atlantic. After going into their head office for an interview, I got invited to do a 3 day trial with them for an office runner role. On my first day I immediately knew I had to get the job. The people were lovely, the job was so much fun and I was finally where I wanted to be.

…My first day was 4 weeks ago and I haven’t left since. Yesterday, I officially signed my contract to be an office runner/receptionist at Kudos Film and Television.

Looking back to this time last year, living in London with a job that could potentially lead to my dream job was a fantasy so wild I could barely even imagine it. Just over 12 months ago I was completely lost, I had dropped out of school and I was fighting a mental illness that very nearly got the better of me. I now get paid to be in an environment I love with people I admire.

So the moral of the story is that you can gain something from every experience in life, whether they are good or bad. If it wasn’t for the experiences I have been through, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Without leaving school due to mental health issues I  wouldn’t have worked at House of Fraser to earn money that is allowing me to live in London. Without working at House of Fraser I wouldn’t have got the time off to go to TM Live where I met Martin Frizell and without the thick skin that my past has given me, I wouldn’t have the determination I have today to pursue my dreams.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you can do it.

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x

Moving Out


So yet again I have abandoned this blog. I am so sorry to anyone who is actually interested in my life. But I am back! And just in time to show you Christmas in my new home – London.

For the past three months I have been settling into my new home in the big city. After spending 18 years living in Kenilworth, I spontaneously decided to uproot my entire life and move to Wimbledon. In a little under two weeks I had made the decision, found a flat, and packed up everything I own. The explanation for my move will essentially be a novel so I have decided to go into all the details on another post (will be posted shortly). But the main reason for moving is to follow my dream career path in television.

I’ve never lived on my own, so moving out has been a challenge to say the least. The initial move itself was quite the task – I didn’t realise just how many clothes I have. But the worst thing by far was saying goodbye to my little pup Dexter. Over the past 5 years he has been my pride and joy, my best friend and biggest comfort. Throughout everything he has always been there for a cuddle when I have needed it most and without him I thought I would feel completely lost. Obviously I miss my parents a lot too but I know they’re always just a phone call away when I need them whereas I can’t hug my little fluff down the phone (☹️). 

As for actually living on my own, I have done pretty well so far. As of yet, I haven’t destroyed my flat which is always a positive sign. I’m currently living with two couples – one Italian, one Spanish. Unfortunately they are quite a bit older than me and they speak very broken English so they aren’t likely to become close friends. It has proven to be quite difficult coming home every day and not having anyone to speak to so I am hoping to move into a new place in the new year with people more suited to me. In terms of looking after myself i’m doing surprisingly well. I successfully do my washing every week and i’m getting really good at making pasta with tomato sauce; it’s safe to say I am officially adulting.

I spend most of my days either at work, shopping or exploring cute cafes in Chelsea. I rarely spend time in my flat – primarily because I don’t have a television (which is probably a blessing). Tragically, my laptop doesn’t connect to wifi so I can’t go on Netflix either. Because of this, I have a lot to thank for my Parks and Recreation box set. Honestly, without it I think I would have gone out of my mind. I’m not lying when I say that it has been on a loop every night for the past 3 months.

Anyway, the rest of the process has been super exciting. I have had so much fun decorating my room and buying bits and pieces for my very own (shared) flat. It’s a literal dream to be able to stay in bed until whatever time I feel like and I can now have breakfast for dinner as much as I want. I do miss Sunday lunch, coffee with my Mum and home comforts but slowly but surely I can say that I feel at home here in London.

… To be continued

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x



Books for Bad Days


Hello! I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite feel good books for when I’m not feeling so fabulous. These books sure aren’t miracle workers but they always manage to make me feel some kind of way even on the darkest of days! There’s so many cool books out there that help with positivity and mindfulness so if you have any please share them with me!

10,000 Things to be Happy About

So I have to admit, I did only buy this book because it was all over tumblr, it’s extremely aesthetically pleasing and I thought it would look cute in my bedroom; I didn’t really intend on reading it. I guess there is kind of a story behind how it did start helping me on bad days. A couple of years ago my family was going through a really hard time, in order to piece ourselves back together we decided we needed to spend more time as a family. One day, we decided to go to the zoo – a ridiculous idea considering it was mid February, the majority of animals were kept indoors and it was absolutely freezing. But anyway, we had a lovely day and it really helped us to realise what’s important. A few days later, I decided to open the book and the first thing I read from a page full of words was ‘going to the zoo in winter’. I don’t really believe in fate but this was way too much of a coincidence so I have loved the book ever since. It’s not really something you can read as such, but it’s really nice when you feel a bit low to open the book to a random page and read the simple things we take for granted. It’s similar to the technique of saying what you’re grateful for but everything is written for you which I find a lot easier.

Tony Robbins: A Note from a Friend

I was given this book by family friends after they took me to my first ever Tony Robbins seminar in London. At first I had no idea who this guy was. I expected the seminar to be formal and boring. But if you know anything about Tony Robbins you’ll know I was completely wrong. That seminar turned out to be a real turning point in my life. This book reinforces everything he said on that day. It’s really about how Tony became the successful man he is but the book is written in such a concise and easy-to-understand guided style that teaches you about life changing tools and principles. A lot of people may not understand how one person and a book can genuinely help you to live a better life; I was once one of those people. I urge you to try it though! Because this book has really inspired me and it puts everything into perspective. After reading his story about the obstacles he’s had to face before being as successful as he is, it always makes me feel better – these dark days won’t last forever.

The Little Book of Mindfulness 

This book was actually a gift from my therapist, she bought it for me because I had never really looked into mindfulness so she thought it could help with my anxiety. This makes the book special in itself because I know a lot of thought has gone into it and it shows that people do care! I find it’s good to put in my bag so if I start to feel a little rough I can just flick through it to calm myself down. I don’t even need to do the mindfulness tasks usually, it just puts my mind at ease knowing there are things to make me feel better! It’s also a nice book to read in the morning to get me prepared for the day. At the moment, my favourite passage is from the Accept and Respond section which states simple mindfulness practices engage the mind and the body, helping you let go and slowly bringing you back to a sense of equanimity and peace. Unlike the majority of the book, it is a poem called ‘The Guest House’ written by Jalal Al-Din Rumi (picture of poem below). I love it because of the metaphorical implication; it’s a really warming comparison which makes your feelings seem simple and easy to cope with.

the guest house

Hugs and wishes,



Update: I’m Alive


Hello strangers! This is just a quick update as to where I am at in my life at the moment. I have been totally missing in action for the past month which I feel awful about as I happened to start a small following on my blog (I can’t believe you lovely lot are actually interested!) Although I am still beginning, I have felt so welcomed and already I have met some wonderful, interesting and inspiring people so I am determined to update you all on my antics at least twice a week from now on.

There isn’t a specific reason as to why I haven’t posted in a while – I guess i’m just lazy and parks and recreation/napping takes up most of my free time. ​But despite going off the grid for the past month, I have actually managed to drag myself out of the house (a miracle I know) to do some pretty cool things.


Loose Women



Borough Market


The Golden Hinde

So I had an actual dream come true last month when I went down to London to see Loose Women filmed live. Loose Women is a magazine gossip show aimed primarily at adult women (not 17 year old girls) so if you know what this show is, please don’t judge me. It was such an amazing experience to be in the studio and to see what happens as the show is filmed live. It has made me even more determined to get my dream job in television and the added bonus was that the tickets are free! Whilst in London, we took a trip to Borough market where we had fresh bread, doughnuts and juice and looked round quaint flower shops. We also happened to walk past The Golden Hinde – Sir Francis Drake’s ship. Honestly I have no idea what it was, I was thouroughly confused as to why there was a huge boat in the street and quite honestly I’m only talking about it because my Mum took a cute candid of my outfit with it in the background and it makes me look kind of educated…


As if London wasn’t being ‘touristy’ enough, we also took a trip to Stratford upon Avon to see Shakespeare’s crib. Stratford is literally 20 minutes down the road from us so I’ve never seen it as a cool destination to explore, but our family from New Zealand thought it would be interesting to see so we thought we’d show them around. It turns out there’s actually some really good things to see there – who knew!



Warwick Castle


Lyme Regis


Coombe Abbey

Due to the delightful weather we’ve been getting recently I managed to fight my vampire-like tendencies and actually get out into the sun for once without feeling like dying. My best friend Sam and I have taken some super cute trips to some super cute places.  Our first adventure was on a rowing boat on the River Avon in Warwick; despite always saying how much I dislike my town, the view of Warwick Castle by the water never fails to amaze me. Although, Sam’s ability to row a boat may have made the experience a little less relaxing than it could have been. Next, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Devon for the night. It was about 3PM when we decided to take a 3 hour drive to the beach (crazy or cute? Hm) but even though we only had a short stay, I had the best time ever. We ate dinner on the beach and watched the sun set, played mini golf, ate cheesy chips and won a toy elephant on the amusements – it was basically your dream weekend. Lastly, I went to Coombe Abbey with my friends for a picnic. I honestly didn’t realise how many pretty places there are close to me; Coombe Abbey is a lakeside country house and park with the most amazing views. We sat drinking our copious amount of cider and our Lidl picnic (very classily may I add) for a good 4 hours before we realised that the nature was too much and we needed to get back to Netflix.

​After not seeing the majority of my friends for a good 6 months, I finally decided to make my debut by surprising one of my best friends at her 18th birthday party. Above is a super cute gif of us all being drunk, weird and very very happy.

Lastly, here is a gif of me petting my dearest friend and pup Dexter. He fell down the stairs this morning and has felt very sorry for himself since so I thought I would give him some lovin’ too.

So that’s it for the update. I promise to improve my time management so nobody will have to send out a search party for me for the forseable future. I already have multiple posts lined up and there is also quite a few exciting things happening in the next month which I can’t wait to share with all 29 of you!

Hugs and wishes,



Mismatched OOTD


Hello wonderful people!

I am super happy and feeling very inspired today so I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to write my first style post! The weather has been really lovely recently but I still can’t bring myself to put shorts on so instead, I opted for pretty patterns and metallics to make it look like I enjoy summer (fun fact and unpopular opinion: I don’t).

Mismatched OOTD

I wanted this outfit to have a little bit of an edge to it, instead of wearing my trusty trainers I thought I’d try a shoe that would make my outfit pop otherwise this look would have been pretty basic and well… mainstream which is one thing that I always try to avoid in my outfits. I tend to buy all of my clothes from high street stores but I like to make sure I don’t buy things just because they’re ‘cool’ at the time – I like to have a vision for something before I buy it.

I absolutely LOVE embroidery so when it became trendy it was kind of a dream come true; I have bought almost every embroidered piece in Topshop and I don’t even regret it. These jeans in particular are my favourite. They’re mom jeans in a vintage denim with embroidered flowers down the side. I love them because even though they’re such a statement piece the colours are neutral so they don’t make me feel uncomfortable. The design is really flattering; the flowers run along the side of my leg making them look longer and most definitely cuter. I never feel overly ‘stylish’ when I wear skinny jeans because they’re so plain so these jeans make me feel super cool even when I’m not feeling it.

With the top, I took a neutral colour that is also in the jeans however, to add another dimension I wanted a bit of sparkle. This gorgeous bodysuit is so simple but so luxe. It’s kind of metallic whilst also being a crinkled velvet (if that’s a thing). Initially I bought it for nights out but I thought it would be perfect for making casual outfits cuter. Bodysuits are my go to at the minute because they look so effortlessly chic with high waisted trousers without showing so much skin that I freeze to death (UK summers are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get).

For the shoes, I chose a colour that is also in the jeans so the outfit didn’t make me look like a complete crazy lady, but I thought it would be fun to introduce a new pattern. These loafer mules combine the current trends perfectly – I almost feel as though I could be wearing Gucci…almost. I thought the gold pattern would reinforce the metallic bodysuit and tie the whole outfit together whilst the red would make the jean’s details stand out. I have had a couple of comments about my shoes looking like my grandma’s curtains but quite honestly, I feel fabulous in them!

Overall this outfit is the epitome of what I want my style to be. I like being a little crazy whilst also looking put together, pretty and effortless.

All of my outfit details are linked down below.

Embroidered Mom Jeans

*Similar* Bodysuit
Hugs and wishes,



Prom/An Event I Didn’t Attend


So tonight was my high school prom – the very end of everything – an entire 13 years of school over with one night of trashy decorations and boys who look like they’re wearing their dad’s suit. Obviously I didn’t go (explanation here) and despite the fact that I think the whole thing is overrated and extremely cringey, I’m kind of disappointed I don’t get to go. Prom is a rite of passage. You dress up in an expensive dress you’ll never wear again, get drunk and pretend you like all the people you’ve hated for the past 7 years.

I’ve been worried about this day for months. I’m at work whilst everyone else is celebrating their last day of school. I’m sat at home whilst all my friends are having the time of their lives enjoying teenage hood. I was invited as a plus one but I rejected the offer because, what I did I do to deserve prom? I dropped out of school, I didn’t make it to the end so it would have been wrong for me to go when everyone else had worked so hard to be there.

Anyway, I hope they all have a wonderful time celebrating their success and living as a 17/18 year old should, but I’m doing things differently. One day, I’ll be going to the National Television Awards every year (way better than prom). Missing this one event doesn’t make me have any less of a teenage experience, it just makes me even more motivated to create the future I want. I may have remembered this amazing night for the rest of my life, but remembering how ordinary it was for me is going to make my future achievements even more incredible.

I’m now going to eat a tub of ice cream whilst judging everyone’s outfits and watching them make drunken mistakes through snapchat stories. I totally, most definitely don’t want to be there.

Hugs and wishes,



How to: Ease Your Bad Mood


I was going to call this post ‘How to: Improve Your Mood’, but I’m not a miracle worker and I feel like that would be false advertising. If we could all follow a few simple steps to ‘improve our mood’ we’d all be dancing on the ceiling. Instead, I used ‘ease your bad mood’ because no matter how awful I feel these always seem to take a little bit of the edge off.

  • Read a good book

A lot of people disregard reading as a way of making yourself feel better because when you’re in a bad mood, you often can’t concentrate on one thing. But I find that reading takes me away from my own thoughts; I am able to forget about the present and live in the book for a while. I recommend a lighthearted love story – cringey and cliché is usually best because who doesn’t love a book about predictable and unrealistic romance.

  • Watch a funny TV series

There’s nothing that makes me happier than lying in bed binge watching my favourite show. When I’m feeling a bit rough, I find it best to watch something simple that will without a doubt make me laugh. Whenever I feel down I know the cure is to watch Parks and Recreation. Over the past few months it has been my saviour. It’s so funny, no matter how awful I feel I can’t help but laugh – whether I want to or not. Hands down it is my favourite television show ever (and I am TV obsessed so it has a lot of competition). If we all lived like Leslie Knope in Pawnee, the world would be a much happier place.

  • Shower

I know this is really basic but to ease my bad mood I can do something as simple as have a shower. It shouldn’t be too long – so I don’t overthink and it shouldn’t be too hot – so I don’t get flustered. Usually I have music on when I’m in the shower but when I don’t feel so great I like it to be quiet (listening to the shower running is very theraputic, try it!) As ridiculous as this sounds, I always feel like a different person after the perfect shower.

  • Speak positively to yourself

Try to be more conscious of the words you are using. Trying to use more positive language always makes me feel better because I’m in control of how negative/positive I am. Treat yourself the way you expect other people to treat you!

  • Avoid:

It’s best to avoid doing anything that’s going to make you more stressed or aggitated. A lot of people suggest baking or colouring as a way of relieving a bad mood but personally, I think these could actually make it worse. For example, you bake cookies and they’re good so you eat one. Then you eat another and another and before you know it you’ve eaten the lot so now you feel like shit again. I guess you can’t generalise this to everyone, perhaps I just have no self control.

I have never understood the idea of colouring as a way of relieving stress; I’ve seen all these books saying ‘relaxing’ and ‘mindful’ colouring. I literally couldn’t think of anything worse. Imagine the pain of going out of the lines and ruining the entire picture because of one mistake… Maybe I’m just overly pessimistic.

Another thing I suggest avoiding is going on social media. I always feel on edge if I don’t check my social media often enough but honestly, what am I missing? A photo of someones lunch? Great. Another picture of that girl you don’t like? Because that’s going to make me happy. A lot of the time what I see makes me feel even worse. It’s so easy to compare yourself to people on social media. Realistically, everyone’s faking it, how happy can you be if you need to reassure the world you’re having a good time through a photo of a cocktail? I get that abandoning social media is easier said than done, but every now and again it’s good to forget about everyone else’s little performance and work on your own.

Failing all of those things, go on this website. It has helped me in the worst of times.

Hugs and wishes,



P.S. I published this post whilst in the worst mood ever – oh the irony.