Update: I’m Alive


Hello strangers! This is just a quick update as to where I am at in my life at the moment. I have been totally missing in action for the past month which I feel awful about as I happened to start a small following on my blog (I can’t believe you lovely lot are actually interested!) Although I am still beginning, I have felt so welcomed and already I have met some wonderful, interesting and inspiring people so I am determined to update you all on my antics at least twice a week from now on.

There isn’t a specific reason as to why I haven’t posted in a while – I guess i’m just lazy and parks and recreation/napping takes up most of my free time. ​But despite going off the grid for the past month, I have actually managed to drag myself out of the house (a miracle I know) to do some pretty cool things.


Loose Women



Borough Market


The Golden Hinde

So I had an actual dream come true last month when I went down to London to see Loose Women filmed live. Loose Women is a magazine gossip show aimed primarily at adult women (not 17 year old girls) so if you know what this show is, please don’t judge me. It was such an amazing experience to be in the studio and to see what happens as the show is filmed live. It has made me even more determined to get my dream job in television and the added bonus was that the tickets are free! Whilst in London, we took a trip to Borough market where we had fresh bread, doughnuts and juice and looked round quaint flower shops. We also happened to walk past The Golden Hinde – Sir Francis Drake’s ship. Honestly I have no idea what it was, I was thouroughly confused as to why there was a huge boat in the street and quite honestly I’m only talking about it because my Mum took a cute candid of my outfit with it in the background and it makes me look kind of educated…


As if London wasn’t being ‘touristy’ enough, we also took a trip to Stratford upon Avon to see Shakespeare’s crib. Stratford is literally 20 minutes down the road from us so I’ve never seen it as a cool destination to explore, but our family from New Zealand thought it would be interesting to see so we thought we’d show them around. It turns out there’s actually some really good things to see there – who knew!



Warwick Castle


Lyme Regis


Coombe Abbey

Due to the delightful weather we’ve been getting recently I managed to fight my vampire-like tendencies and actually get out into the sun for once without feeling like dying. My best friend Sam and I have taken some super cute trips to some super cute places.  Our first adventure was on a rowing boat on the River Avon in Warwick; despite always saying how much I dislike my town, the view of Warwick Castle by the water never fails to amaze me. Although, Sam’s ability to row a boat may have made the experience a little less relaxing than it could have been. Next, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Devon for the night. It was about 3PM when we decided to take a 3 hour drive to the beach (crazy or cute? Hm) but even though we only had a short stay, I had the best time ever. We ate dinner on the beach and watched the sun set, played mini golf, ate cheesy chips and won a toy elephant on the amusements – it was basically your dream weekend. Lastly, I went to Coombe Abbey with my friends for a picnic. I honestly didn’t realise how many pretty places there are close to me; Coombe Abbey is a lakeside country house and park with the most amazing views. We sat drinking our copious amount of cider and our Lidl picnic (very classily may I add) for a good 4 hours before we realised that the nature was too much and we needed to get back to Netflix.

​After not seeing the majority of my friends for a good 6 months, I finally decided to make my debut by surprising one of my best friends at her 18th birthday party. Above is a super cute gif of us all being drunk, weird and very very happy.

Lastly, here is a gif of me petting my dearest friend and pup Dexter. He fell down the stairs this morning and has felt very sorry for himself since so I thought I would give him some lovin’ too.

So that’s it for the update. I promise to improve my time management so nobody will have to send out a search party for me for the forseable future. I already have multiple posts lined up and there is also quite a few exciting things happening in the next month which I can’t wait to share with all 29 of you!

Hugs and wishes,




How to: Ease Your Bad Mood

Mental health

I was going to call this post ‘How to: Improve Your Mood’, but I’m not a miracle worker and I feel like that would be false advertising. If we could all follow a few simple steps to ‘improve our mood’ we’d all be dancing on the ceiling. Instead, I used ‘ease your bad mood’ because no matter how awful I feel these always seem to take a little bit of the edge off.

  • Read a good book

A lot of people disregard reading as a way of making yourself feel better because when you’re in a bad mood, you often can’t concentrate on one thing. But I find that reading takes me away from my own thoughts; I am able to forget about the present and live in the book for a while. I recommend a lighthearted love story – cringey and cliché is usually best because who doesn’t love a book about predictable and unrealistic romance.

  • Watch a funny TV series

There’s nothing that makes me happier than lying in bed binge watching my favourite show. When I’m feeling a bit rough, I find it best to watch something simple that will without a doubt make me laugh. Whenever I feel down I know the cure is to watch Parks and Recreation. Over the past few months it has been my saviour. It’s so funny, no matter how awful I feel I can’t help but laugh – whether I want to or not. Hands down it is my favourite television show ever (and I am TV obsessed so it has a lot of competition). If we all lived like Leslie Knope in Pawnee, the world would be a much happier place.

  • Shower

I know this is really basic but to ease my bad mood I can do something as simple as have a shower. It shouldn’t be too long – so I don’t overthink and it shouldn’t be too hot – so I don’t get flustered. Usually I have music on when I’m in the shower but when I don’t feel so great I like it to be quiet (listening to the shower running is very theraputic, try it!) As ridiculous as this sounds, I always feel like a different person after the perfect shower.

  • Speak positively to yourself

Try to be more conscious of the words you are using. Trying to use more positive language always makes me feel better because I’m in control of how negative/positive I am. Treat yourself the way you expect other people to treat you!

  • Avoid:

It’s best to avoid doing anything that’s going to make you more stressed or aggitated. A lot of people suggest baking or colouring as a way of relieving a bad mood but personally, I think these could actually make it worse. For example, you bake cookies and they’re good so you eat one. Then you eat another and another and before you know it you’ve eaten the lot so now you feel like shit again. I guess you can’t generalise this to everyone, perhaps I just have no self control.

I have never understood the idea of colouring as a way of relieving stress; I’ve seen all these books saying ‘relaxing’ and ‘mindful’ colouring. I literally couldn’t think of anything worse. Imagine the pain of going out of the lines and ruining the entire picture because of one mistake… Maybe I’m just overly pessimistic.

Another thing I suggest avoiding is going on social media. I always feel on edge if I don’t check my social media often enough but honestly, what am I missing? A photo of someones lunch? Great. Another picture of that girl you don’t like? Because that’s going to make me happy. A lot of the time what I see makes me feel even worse. It’s so easy to compare yourself to people on social media. Realistically, everyone’s faking it, how happy can you be if you need to reassure the world you’re having a good time through a photo of a cocktail? I get that abandoning social media is easier said than done, but every now and again it’s good to forget about everyone else’s little performance and work on your own.

Failing all of those things, go on this website. It has helped me in the worst of times.

Hugs and wishes,



P.S. I published this post whilst in the worst mood ever – oh the irony.