J’adore: Paris


I am currently suffering from severe post holiday blues from a trip I took to Paris 11 months ago so I thought I would reminisce by posting about my time there.

I’ve been to Paris twice in my life, once when I was about 10 and again in January. The first time I went with family and spent the entire time either in Disneyland or in a Disney shop. The second time, I went with my ex-boyfriend and spent most of the time alone. Despite my strange circumstances (that we don’t like to discuss because of obvious reasons… weird), Paris may be my favourite city in the world. Granted I have only been to a few, but I don’t think anything could beat the Parisian food, fashion, culture and architecture.

Instead of going at the weekend, I went midweek which I would actually really recommend if you’re able to. I managed to bag my hotel and flights for only £230 and the attractions were a lot quieter

Of course, I did all of the generic touristy things whilst I was there; the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame, shopping down the Champs-Élysées, fancy dinner, excessive macaroon eating, etc. I also went to the Louvre which was super exciting. I just about saw the Mona Lisa in person after mostly looking at it through the screen on my camera (as a generation, I admit we suck). After spending what felt like a whole city break looking at the art – it’s so freaking big – I found a courtyard at the Louvre where I just sat and admired the area. There were only a few passers-by and it was dead silent apart from the light sound of violins playing nearby. As novel as this sounds, it was so peaceful and warming to find somewhere quiet in a big city.



My favourite thing I did by far was a nighttime boat tour of the River Seine. It may have been the coldest I have ever been in my life but it was totally worth it; I didn’t even take any pictures, I just enjoyed the moment. I got to see all of Paris’ most beautiful sights beautifully lit up; sounds totally cringeworthy but it was one of those moments where you stop, look around and appreciate just how lucky you are.

I also took it upon myself to dress as the Parisiennes do because when in Paris right? I absolutely love their effortlessly chic style so I tried to incorporate some of it into my own outfits. After doing plentiful amounts of research (Pinterest you are my hero) I found that they primarily wear tailored, minimal and neutral pieces. It was quite difficult channeling minimalism as it was January and bloody freezing – all I wanted was to wear my duvet, (strangely a look that seems to be acceptable now with all the puffer jackets? If only I’d of known) but obviously beauty is pain so I fought through the frost for the good photo ops. Here is me smiling through the pain of not being able to feel my fingers or toes.



I also went to Disneyland, yes, I did indeed go to Disneyland on my own and honestly, it was a truly… character building experience. Now, I’m not opposed to doing things alone, I will happily go for dinner and ask for a table for one or sit and have coffee whilst reading a book. But going to Disney on your own is a completely different ball game, in fact, it’s not even playing the same sport. Despite being alone, it was just as magical. I went on a few rides, met Minnie, watched the Frozen parade, drank hot chocolate and cried at the beauty of it all.



Now I am definitely off to plan my next trip!

Hugs and wishes,

Abbie x


Family Additions!


So this weekend I met family that before a few months ago, I barely even knew about. Chris, Rachel, Lexi and Jonty have finally come to the UK after 17 years of my life spent not knowing them. They live in New Zealand so coming round for coffee and cake isn’t really an option but instead, they are spending six months travelling around Europe! They will spend most of their time at my Grandparents’ house in Leeds. However they will be going to Paris, Spain, Greece and to the Midlands to stay with us.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first met them. Would we act like family? Or just acquaintances? They are actually only distant relations; Rachel and Chris are my second cousins and Jonty and Lexi are my third cousins. But nonetheless, they are family and that’s sure as hell how we acted. We all instantly became best friends and I can honestly say I have had the best weekend getting to know them whilst also feeling like they have always been a part of my life.

I’m a big kid at heart so playing with the children came easy – I absolutely loved it. I’ve spent the past couple of days colouring, playing Jenga, watching children’s TV and spying on our parents. They told me all about New Zealand and the things they do/don’t have there. I was absolutely horrified to find out that they had never been to Build a Bear Workshop – they had no idea what it is! As a child I was obsessed with the place so I took it upon myself to make sure we went and when we did, they loved it. Lexi went for a dog that looked like her dog back at home (that she had been crying about for the past couple of nights) and Jonty went for a Troll. I had so much fun showing them what to do and seeing how happy they were when they came out with their new friend. It actually all worked out perfectly because it’s Lexi’s 10th birthday tomorrow so it was an early present for her!

I never dreamed that meeting these guys would be as good as it has been. I’m so glad that I can say these wonderful people are a part of my family, from the moment we met I absolutely adored them and I really hope that even when they’re back home we can still be as close as we were this weekend.

Hugs and wishes,



P.S. I am actually wearing my pyjama top in these photos – don’t judge me. And yes, I do have a birds nest on my head (naturally curly hair sucks).

First Impressions: Me


If you have found your way to my first ever blog post, you’re probably lost, let’s be honest. Perhaps you’re looking for answers or hoping for some entertainment; I can’t promise that i’ll provide any of that. But I intend on being real and talking about real life things.

I’m not going to sugarcoat my life to seem perfect and fulfilled because it’s not. Why lie to myself and anyone else on the internet? Not that I really expect anyone to read any of this. Honestly, i’m using this page as a way to be pretty damn selfish – to talk about my interests, my wellbeing and trying to find myself.

Despite always saying and thinking I don’t care for anything or anyone (sounds dark, I know) i’m starting to realise maybe it’s the little things in life that count. See, I love to shop and styling is something I like to think i’m good at. I also enjoy reading or finding a good TV series to rant and rave about. My passion for flowers and afternoon tea is said to be unusual for a girl of my age but who cares? This is me. No filter. No fake smiles. No clinical depression to hide behind.

This blog will be a journey through my thoughts, feelings and interests. Hopefully i’ll find a way to start enjoying life along the way.

If anyone’s reading this, thankyou for taking the time to make my world a better place.